The Simple-bake Recipe For Any Souped-up Diesel Rig


1 Superchips Flashpaq Tuner

1 MBRP Turbo-Back Diesel Exhaust System

1 Quadzilla Monster Air Intake Package

2 cups hard work

6-pack of sudsy brew

1 dash of tire smoke, based on taste


Park your rig inside a flat, shady place and permit to awesome. While your truck sits cooling, crack open a sudsy brew and open another elements. Each component features a complete instruction sheetfamiliarize yourself using these while drinking the icy beverage.

Probably the most labor intensive thing about this recipe may be the exhaust package. When your rig is awesome, take away the factory exhaust and lower pipe. Chuck the ball remains aside. Carefully stick to the incorporated instructions and mount the MBRP exhaust package and lower pipe for your truck. This free-flowing system increases energy and torque, decreases EGTs and gives a throaty rumble for your rig. Once bolted-up, allow the truck sit when you prepare the cold-air intake package. Crack another brew.

As the exhaust system steeps, open the Quadzilla Monster Air Intake Package and make preparations to combine using the exhaust. Skim the factory intake from the top of the your powerplant, fostering to not damage the environment sensor. This can avoid the dreaded check-engine light from activating later. Install the intake package based on Quadzilla’s directionsstirring from time to time. Once combined, the cold-air intake and also the exhaust system rise together to create a free-breathing, energy-creating machine. Relax for any spell with another brew, you’ve gained it.

The icing about this performance cake may be the Superchips Flashpaq Tuner. When the intake and exhaust has completely baked, it takes merely a couple of minutes to set up the tuner. Again, carefully follow Superchips’ directions and plug the consol to your OBD-II port. Choose your tune and hang the preferred parameters. Now, pop open the last celebratory bottle of suds since your done!

Walk into your well-done rig and fire up. For the way carefully the recipe was adopted, your horsepower and torque amounts need to look a lot more like oven configurations than factory specs. And, don’t worrythat billowing smoke is from the rubber burning below your triple-baked diesel rig.

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