Situation Scenario Exercise

1. Jean states that you will find four internal auditors within the forest root domain. You will find two internal auditors in each one of the child domain names. Each group of internal auditors continues to be put into a worldwide group within each domain. Such groups are named IA_Primary, IA_East, and IA_West after their particular locations. Jean wants all the people of those groups to have the ability to connect to the same assets in each and every domain. What’s the suggested method to configure this?

Produce a universal group that individual global groups can enroll in. This allows each internal auditor to get access to assets granted towards the universal group. Select a reputation for the audience that signifies the whole company, for example HumongousJA. MCSA

2. The network managers in the East domain need to know why the choice to

produce a universal group isn’t obtainable in their domain. What else could you let them know?

Universal groups are just open to domain names which have a practical degree of Home windows 2000 native or later. While using the mixed functional level, you can’t create universal groups. To be able to alter the functional level, all the existing Home windows NT 4 backup domain remotes (BDCs) should be removed or upgraded. When the domain functional level is elevated, the 2 Home windows Server 2003 domain remotes will no more replicate the domain database to Home windows NT 4 BDCs.

3. The network managers in the West domain need to know why everybody

always suggests placing global groups into universal groups, rather than just

placing the customers into the universal groups. What should yoti let them know?

Universal group membership changes cause forest-wide replication. If you are using global groups within the universal groups rather than customers, it’s not as likely that you will see membership changes towards the universal groups. If rather you made the decision to put customers in universal groups, whenever a user was put into, or erased from, a universal group, forest wide replication would occur. In many domain names the consumer accounts are modified more the particular groups themselves. Once you’ll be able to upgrade all of the domain remotes within the forest, you’ll have the ability to enhance the domain functional level to Home windows Server 2003, which may alleviate this problem and concern. MCSA Exam

4.Jean grants an agenda to employ assistants for every domain to produce and manage user

accounts. How will you provide the assistants the immediate ability to aid in by doing this

without which makes them domain managers?Put the assistants within the Account Operators number of the domain names that they’re likely to be assistants.

5. Two employees happen to be hired to assist data, keep up with the Home windows Server

2003 domain remotes, and manage ink jet printers for that Primary_Site. Which Builtin

groups can give these customers the permissions they might require to handle the domain

remotes? How in the event you setup their accounts and group subscriptions?

These customers will require permissions designated towards the Backup Operators, Account Operators, and Server Operators. You need to produce a global group particularly of these customers. For instance, produce the Maintenance_Primary global group. Make that group part of the Backup Operators, Account Operators, and Server Operator domain local groups. Then put the user makes up about these new employees for the reason that new global group.

6. Two security specialists happen to be contracted to produce group insurance policy for the domain. Other product have to perform most administrative

tasks. How in the event you assign their group subscriptions?

Make sure they are part of the audience Policy Creator Proprietors domain group.

Exam Objectives within this Chapter:

Plan a person authentication strategy

Delegate permissions of the business unit (OU) to some user or security group

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