Protecting A Prosecution For Driving Without Due Attention And Care Within The United kingdom Magistrates Court

Driving without due attention and care is definitely an offence in compliance with Section three of the Traffic Act 1988.

The outline from the offence based on the legislation is a thief drives a robotically powered vehicle on the road or any other public place without due attention and care or without reasonable consideration for other persons while using road or place.

There’s no necessity for any collision to derive from how you behave. The costs could be triggered the foundation of observation with a officer if he feels your driving — in other conditions — might have led to any sort of accident.

To ensure that you to definitely be charged of the offence, the Prosecution need to prove beyond doubt that you simply were the individual driving a automobile which during the time of the alleged offence you had been driving on the public road or any other public place. (Keep in mind an open place is referred to as almost anything to that the public have unrestricted access – for instance a store carpark) without due attention and care or without reasonable consideration for other road customers.

The primary question should be what comes down to driving without due attention and care. There’s no legal description and just what this phrase means. Each situation is made the decision on its individual details. The overall principal would be that the District attorney must prove beyond doubt the Defendant wasn’t working out that amount of attention and care that the reasonable and prudent driver would exercise within the conditions.

It is really an objective test. This means that in every individual situation a legal court must assess whether within the conditions you drove in a fashion that an acceptable driver might have driven. When the Court reaches the final outcome that, the caliber of your driving fell below what reasonable driver you will then be charged.

Because of this you’ll always benefit by getting an experienced advocate to place your situation. They’ll make an effort to reveal that you had been showing consideration for other road customers as well as your driving was reasonable.

Distinction from Harmful Driving.

For that Prosecution to demonstrate that the driving was harmful (in compliance with Section 2 from the Traffic Act 1988) the Prosecution must show beyond doubt that the caliber of your driving fell well below what reasonable and prudent driver.

“In most the conditions”

It’s frequently easy to reveal that because of the conditions of the particular incident it’s not fair to point out that the caliber of your driving fell below what reasonable person. For instance if you’re tugging from a junction along with a vehicle is travelling across the primary road at high speeds (exceeding the posted speed limit) it might be easy to claim that even though another driver had right of way you shouldn’t be blamed for that accident because their high speeds were the main cause. You’d clearly need to reveal that you completed proper findings before tugging from a junction.

Res ipsa loquitor – The details speak on their own

Sometimes people request us how they may be punished to have an offence of driving without due attention and care when there have been no witnesses towards the incident.

It’s possible for that Prosecution to exhibit that purely because of the truth that any sort of accident happened the motive force from the vehicle should be responsible for driving without due attention and care even without the any explanation on the contrary. This can be a perfectly legitimate strategy through the Prosecution, and also the Court are titled to convict unless of course an offender has the capacity to submit a free account that describes why the accident wasn’t triggered with a fall in the caliber of driving.

Mechanical Defects

Another grounds for protecting driving without due attention and care would be to reveal that there is an analog defect during the time of the alleged offence which directly influenced around the types of driving.

When the Defendant boosts the problem of mechanical defect at that time when they’re first talked to through the Police with regards to the incident then your Information duty certain to disprove suggestions the accident was triggered with a mechanical defect.

Quarrelling an analog defect (as lengthy while you raise it the moment you’re spoken to through the Police) effectively throws back the new potato towards the Police and also the Prosecution to disprove that the incident was triggered with a mechanical defect and they’ve to disprove this beyond doubt.

Sometimes automobiles are wiped off and scrapped through the insurance providers with no Police undertaking a check mark to be able to determine whether there is an analog defect and which means that generally the Prosecution cannot continue.


If you’re charged of driving without due attention and care then you definitely face 3 to 9 penalty points in your licence. Additionally, you will face the potential of an excellent and Court Costs. The penalty points of driving without due attention and care are 3 to 9. If it’s a really serious allegation then your Magistrates can impose a discretionary disqualification under Section 34 from the Traffic Culprits Act 1988 for whatever period a legal court feels is suitable.

Driver Improvement Course

In certain areas of the nation, law enforcement have discretion to permit someone to complete the motive force Improvement Course instead of prosecution. This eliminates the chance of penalty points, fines and Court Costs. Should you believe that the caliber of your driving did fall below what reasonable person then this is an excellent option to Court Proceedings. You spend to go to the program but the price of the program is frequently under what could be enforced through the Court by means of fines and charges.


Unlike other motoring offences that are absolute and measurable whether a driver was driving with due attention and care is really a subjective decision which is thus necessary to argue a powerful situation – either yourself or using a legal advocate. Just because a lawyer may have better understanding from the law and then any potential loopholes it is usually better to seek legal counsel should you face prosecution for just about any driving without due attention and care situation.

My very own firm will gladly provide expert motor legal counsel free of charge regarding the proper way to defend a driving offence inside your particular a driving without due attention and care situation.

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