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First let me start off by saying that not every country in the middle east is suitable to go to, not because you are an American but even for us some countries are just not safe. I want you to know that the people themselves are very nice it’s the governments and their political position from the United States; this probably is going to give you an idea to where to go and where not to go. I am not going to name any “specific” countries that are probably not a good choice.

Something important that you have to know is that the middle east is not one big country with a states like in America, no, it’s several different countries that independently separated, if one country is bad, not necessarily the rest are. The majority of the Middle East counties have very interesting tourist attractions like the pyramids of Egypt, Babylon of Iraq, Arab tower of Dubai…etc

Always stay away from war zones, counties has political tension with the US and it’s a good Idea to have friends you know that already there to help showing you around. Be ready to the different cultures and traditions, people can be overly friendly and try to feed you or give you anything you want for free.

Best thing to do if you decide to go to the Middle East for tourism is to contract with one of the traveling agencies, just like going on cruise… they will tour you around and you be surrounded all times with someone on your side, I am not intending to scare you off but I know how people react outside of their countries and it’s a common feeling to be skeptical of your new environment.

After all I would like to say that the Middle East is a must to tour place, though virtually ignored as a destination by Americans, the Middle East is a trove of culture, history, and natural beauty. From the ancient forts and empty beaches of Oman to Palestine’s sacred sites and the old-world lure of Yemen, our foreign correspondents report on the best places to visit – and steer clear of – in one of the last corners of the world we have left to discover.

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