Mercedes-benz As Well As Your Safety

Volvo has lengthy been credited with being the main automobile manufacturer if this involves vehicular safety and appropriately so. Being an inventor of crumple zones and safety cages to safeguard people, Volvo set a dark tone for worldwide auto building for the following several decades. Indeed, the car industry owes much to Volvo’s many safety contributions. To not be lost in most of this is actually the work that Mercedes-Benz is doing to enhance passenger safety too. Using the Volvo concept a step further, Mercedes now includes several technological advances using their automobiles to be able to supply the most secure riding experience available. Let us have a look at Mercedes’ PRE-SAFE system and just how it may safeguard both you and your people.

I have to admit that the very first time I learned about Mercedes’ new safety system I’d thought it had become something which was still being years from becoming available. How wrong I had been! The PRE-SAFE system, because it is known as, is a powerful way to enhance passenger safety and something that needs to be adopted by other car manufacturers. Yes, I am certain it is not an inexpensive system but because it is with the amount of technological advances the cost is certain to drop and also the system or something like that like it is broadly available overall.

Introduced with choose Mercedes models in 2003, the PRE-SAFE system instantly takes over moments before an accident. It just takes a stress stop or perhaps a skid and also the product is put in place here’s what residents can get moments before an accident happens:

Snug in position. Passenger chair devices instantly tighten to organize residents for any crash.

Snug in position, part two. Together with the chair devices, air cushions around the sides from the seats inflate to help keep individuals position.

Chair actions. Headrests and seats instantly proceed to predetermined positions that offer optimum protection for residents.

Close up. Home windows instantly shut to give the best support for side-curtain air bags and cars outfitted having a moon roof will discover it has closed up in case of a rollover.

Since its introduction, PRE-SAFE continues to be broadened to additional Mercedes models and also the original technologies are constantly being tweaked and enhanced upon.

New technology being produced by Mercedes includes the introduction of a radar sensor to trace automobiles managing a red-colored light and slamming to your vehicle. Once fraxel treatments continues to be prepared, it will require the PRE-SAFE system a step further and provide residents yet another way of preventing serious injuries.

So, is Volvo behind in the introduction of crash preparation technology? No. Volvo launched its Whiplash Protection Seating System in 2000 that prepares people for any rear hit by modifying the seating position to reduce impact. Additionally, the organization is focusing on a radar system that may identify whenever a driver drifts from his lane. This selection may also utilize a digital eye to keep close track of blind spots not seen with the side mirrors.

Ultimately, a defensive driver is the greatest driver, but you will find occasions when the situation is completely from your control. Mercedes’ PRE-SAFE product is certain to become a large help and will probably reduce serious injuries as well as prevent some deaths. Technology at its best!

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