Historical Mosques in Iran

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The most significant historical mosques of Iran are quite plenty as the country witnessed several Islamic dynasties throughout its history. Such great monuments grab the attention of many travelers who tour Iran.

A great example of wonderful historical mosques in Iran is the Jameh Mosque of Isfahan. Constructed in the 8th century BC, the mosque is among the most ancient in the country and its distinctive architecture draw the attention of many tourists who travel to Iran.

Although the mosque was badly set on fire at the end of the 11th century, the mosque that travelers who tour Iran view today is the outcome of a long period of rebuilding and restorations.

The last were carried out at the end of the 20th century. The Jameh Mosque of Isfahan is included in the UNESCO world heritage since 2012.

Situated near the Naqesh Jihan Arena, the Imam mosque is another magnificent example of historical mosques of Isfahan, the city that welcomes many tourists who spend their vacations in Iran.

The Imam mosque was constructed in 1611 AD and it is featured with its wonderful architecture and decorations especially the four minarets and the domes of the mosque.

The most remarkable feature of the mosque from inside is how the voices and sounds are clearly transmitted from under the central dome towards every section of it. This fact amazes many visitors who spend theirĀ holidays in Iran.

If we move on touring the significant historical mosques of Isfahan our next stop would be at the Sheikh Lotfy Allah Mosque. Built in the 18th century, the mosque is among the most popular historical mosques of the city that is commonly explored by several travelers who book trips to Iran. The layout, design, decorations, and ornaments of the mosque is said to be among the most notable in the whole world.

If the travelers touring Iran are lucky, they would spend a couple of days in Shiraz that also hosts several historical mosques. There is for example the Nasir El Molk Mosque. Nicknamed as the pink mosque because of the usage of pink tiles in its interior design, the mosque was constructed in 1888.

The Nasir El Molk Mosque considered by many travelers who enjoy their holidays in Iran as one of the most magnificent Islamic establishments of the country. This is due to the charming colored windows, many-colored stone columns, and marble that coats that floor of the mosque. It is surly one of the most marvelous picturesque historical sites of the country.

Another marvelous example of historical mosques in Shiraz would be the Al Wakil Mosque. The structure was built in the middle of the 18th century and it is characterized by its magnificent colors and ornaments that are praised by many travelers who book travel packages in Iran.

Among the most interesting features of the Islamic layouts and architecture in Iran are certainly the colors they use in their decorations and ornaments. They simply amaze the eye and delight the soul due to their matchless magic that is hard to be found anywhere else in the world. If you are a fan of Islamic architecture and history, a tour to Iran is quite recommended for you!

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