Help Make Your Clubcar Go Faster

Adding some extra energy to anything can’t hurt, right? But you need to help make your electric golf buggy go faster on your own? Well we’ll use a visit to suped up trolley paradise, after which I’ll demonstrate some videos of men who required this factor far too far.

To begin with we’ll tackle the ClubCar brand as it is probably the most popular models and it’s easy to do.

Things You Will Need:

New/or Used Motor

Insulated Tools

Insulated Wrench

Insulated Wire Blades

New Battery (greater current than you presently have installed)

Protective mitts (ideally insulated)

1. You will need a used or new (best if budget Is an issue for you) motor. You need to search for one which has greater Revoltions per minute then your existing motor inside your trolley. Greater RPM’s permit the engine to show over more occasions in almost any given time-frame.

2. Next factor for you to do is look into the electrical system, when you are searching for the solenoid and coil system that’s nearest towards the passenger side of the Club Vehicle golf buggy.

3. Now this is when we obtain lower and dirty, and you will want to require 1 / 2 of the wire off. So yes cut the wire that connects the coil and solenoid together. You most likely would like to try removing maybe one-half inch for an inch before reducing your entire electrical cord in two.

4. Last step would be to replace your present golf buggy battery together with your more recent high current battery, if you possess a twelve volt battery inside your trolley, changing it having a 24 volt battery provides you with more energy to give your brand-new greater Revoltions per minute motor and also the shorter period of solenoid cable will provide that new charge inside a considerably faster time.

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