Handheld Remote Control Monster Trucks – Best Under $100

Here are reviews of two best handheld remote control monster trucks under $100.

Monster Truck 4WD 1:10 scale

Selling at $99.99, this 1:10 scale 4 WD RC monster truck includes two effective 540 motors, front and back bevel differentials, 7.2v 1700 Ni-Compact disc battery as well as an AC charger. The18 wheeler offers great performance when driving off-road and is capable of doing reaching speeds as high as 40 km/h. This allows you to definitely propel your monster truck over hilly, bumpy surfaces and obstacles having a control range as high as 100 m or 330 foot.

The 4WD enables for excellent charge of the18 wheeler, in conjunction with the big rubber tires and individual suspension. It features a racing pistol remote control unit that allows the18 wheeler to maneuver forward, right and left. If you have experience driving RC monster trucks, you might choose the very altering function which allows you to definitely race several truck at any given time.

2008B Energy Small-Sized Monster Truck

Having a cost of $14.95, this micro rc monster truck has the capacity to move ahead and reverse, and includes full right and left steering. Additionally, it features car headlights, curing lights, along with a radio transmitter that the small truck recharges. This toy offers hrs of fun using its turbo boost, durable construction and designs. It will come in one scale of roughly 1:43 and measures roughly 100 mm long it’s also prepared to replenish and drive straight as they are. Due to the three various kinds of frequency transmitters, you’ll be able to race alongside 2-3 other trucks of various wavelengths too. Additionally, it has a handheld remote control and charger unit, but includes a warning of possible choking hazards for kids under 3 years old. These trucks can be found in two colors, are fast, simple to drive and fun to move.

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