Anti-Chick Magnet Rides

Many posts and content is composed about the kinds of automobiles that attract women. “Babe magnet” materials are not tricky to find. Details about individuals awesome, low convertibles and luxury models is simple to find. However, very couple of pieces are devoted to individuals vehicles that have a tendency to repel women. Some automobiles simply do not help with that macho aura that pulls women. Many automobiles, actually, will be sending a lot of women running within the other direction. This publish is devoted towards the anti-babe magnet rides that might be located on the freeways.

1.) Hearse-Like Automobiles such as the Ford Flex, the PT Cruiser and also the Chevrolet HHR

The hearse-like body style does nothing whatsoever to draw in the interest of ladies. Actually, these cars are usually in lots of women’s top ten listing of most unattractive cars. Nearly all women are not into being reminded from the Harsh Reaper, apparently. The hearse-like body style receives two thumbs lower for attractiveness.

2.) The Dodge Viper

Within an informal survey of ladies, the Dodge Viper had a thumbs-lower to be, well, too masculine? A lot of women seen the Dodge Viper as just being too “outrageous.Inch Who understood? But next time you place a Dodge Viper on the highway, have a look to find out if there’s a lady driving the vehicle. Not likely, and there is probably no women riding as people, either.

3.) The Minivan

The minivan is possibly probably the most not-sexy vehicle on the highway today. The minivan screams “From your younger years is finished! Thanks for visiting the and surrounding suburbs.” For males trying to draw in women, the minivan simply won’t have the desired effect. However, the minivan is ideal for moving your son or daughter’s team or using the gang to bop class. Convenient for families, but certainly an anti-chick magnet.

4.) Monster-truck Style Modified Automobiles

No lady really wants to be observed in an altered monster truck. Actually, these automobiles look completely unnatural in average urban traffic. The Monster-style modified truck is really a definite chick repellent.

5.) The Volkswagen 2011 New Beetle

This can be a chick vehicle towards the “Nth” degree! Actually, it’s too feminine for many women. After some bud vase included in the dashboard along with other features which make this vehicle too girlie to draw in women. The 2012 Beetle continues to be a little more “masculinized” in the design.

6.) Vintage, American-Made Muscle Cars

Cars like the late 60s to early 70s Chevrolet Camaro or Dodge Challenger are merely not the chick magnets that lots of men believe these to be. These vintage automobiles may garner lots of attention at road races and vehicle auctions, but towards the average female, they aren’t fun they are driving and wreak of burnt rubber, anti-freeze along with other random engine smells. These cars are usually large, noisy anti-chick magnets consequently.

7.) The Off-Road Jeep Wrangler

Not every Jeep Wranglers are chick repellent. Have a Jeep Wrangler. Add over-sized wheels and knobby tires, durable suspension, after which mount a towing winch towards the bumper – and you’ve got 100% chick repellent. Too masculine, too dirty and never welcoming to the female. The off-road Wrangler might be ideal for crossing the mountain trails, but every woman will see is one thing muddy, macho and never fun.

8.) Cars Named Questionable Names

The title from the Ford Probe, to some guy, may envision ideas of energy, space travel and exploring brave, new mobile phone industry’s. For ladies, however, the term “probe” simply invokes reminiscences of past appointments with the gynecologists office.

The title Mercury Cougar may, previously, happen to be a suitable moniker. However, couple of ladies who date more youthful males could be caught dead driving of the vehicle named a “Cougar.”

Very little of the explanation is required for that Dodge LaFemme. Not a chick magnet by stretch.

9.) Buicks

Though many types of Buick are respectable automobiles, most Buicks aren’t considered chick cars. Possibly, it is because the Buick is recognized as a “grand daddy” vehicle. Though this assessment from the Buick brand isn’t a fair one, Buicks are usually chick repellents.

10.) The Lincoln subsequently Navigator

Though many luxury Sports utility vehicles hold various positions as chick magnet automobiles, the Lincoln subsequently Navigator is undertake and don’t. Can it be the grill appears like a sewer grate? Or perhaps is it simply because there’s really nothing sexy relating to this luxury Vehicle. Either in situation, the Lincoln subsequently Navigator has a tendency to behave as chick repellent.

11.) The Hummer H2

This vehicle appears like military transportation, to begin with. Having a very not-feminine boxy body style, and garnering just as much recognition like a fur coat in LA, as well as the title…. This vehicle is commonly very unattractive towards the more youthful female demographic.

12.) A Mobile home

Most women don’t lengthy for any ride inside a mobile home. The mobile home, as appealing as it might appear to some guy, is generally chick repellent, that’s, unless of course your chick loves the RV lifestyle. Most more youthful women aren’t “impressed” by the idea of traveling in the home on wheels.

For individuals males who purchase automobiles hoping bringing in some female attention, their list was put together according to feedback from the 3 twenty-something and thirty-ant women. Utilize it nevertheless, you think fit. We simply think that a listing of not-sexy automobiles was lengthy past due.

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