Aika Bot Ktz Readily Available For Free Beta Trial

It’s a great day for Aika Online gamers – the very first Aika Online Bot continues to be launched!

The primary trouble with MMORPGs, and Aika isn’t any exception, is they are time intensive, repetitive, and existence absorbing. You will find people, remarkably, who’ll spend hrs and hrs starring in their computer screens progressing their character up simply to contend with other hardcore gamers.

Who would like to put themselves using that? The truth is, a lot of us really can’t – there’s work and school – and just because existence just is not about grinding in MMORPGs.

Aika isn’t any exception for this group of game it will get repetitive and time intensive.

The answer is really a bot. Mmog bots are tools where you can automate your ingame character and makes the overall game, literally, more enjoyable.

Fortunately for Aika, the Aika Ktz bot continues to be launched. This is actually the first Aika Bot to become launched and it is certainly one which is hard to beat.

The Aika Bot Ktz includes a multitude of functions that enables you to definitely extensively configure the bot and tailor it for your figures needs. Here is a brief summary of current functions:

I) Solo Aika Botting Functions

1. Auto hunting

2. Auto use assist abilities and attack abilities.

3. Auto concoction

4. Auto clean up bags

5. Auto sell products

6. Auto repair

7. Auto release Pran skill

8. Auto feed Pran

9. Auto talk to Pran

10. Auto summon mount

11. Botting mode-self botting/following party

12. Assist mode. Click monster and kill monster

13. Multi-waypoints botting mode

14. Auto loop botting.there is no need make script.

15. By hand click small map and move

16. GM alarm

17. Products filter

18. Monster filter

II) Party Aika Bot Function

1. Auto accept and reject party invitation.

2. Auto follow non-party people

3. Auto follow party member hunting

4. Aficionado or heal team people

5. Set to become healbot only (no attacking of monsters)

On top of that, the Ktz Aika Bot has become going through a totally free free trial – so it’s certainly worth looking into, particularly if the Aika grind has already been dealing with you. is leading source and provider of the bot.

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