A Taste of Middle East Travel

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When getting together with friends, colleagues, and fellow travelers, often the talk of “favorite destination” or “best trip” comes up. We share stories but usually disagree about where the “best place to party” is, or “who has the best beaches”. There is one thing many of us agree on however; when we talk about a part of the world we wish we could visit. That corner of the world is The Middle East. A lot of the obstacles facing tourism in the Middle East are due the political turmoil, conflicts and unrest in many parts of the region, and lack of infrastructure; but there is an alternative… and a fantastic one at that.

Nestled between the Mediterranean and Black Sea is Turkey. One can argue about the geographical classification (Asia, Middle East, or Europe) but one thing you can’t deny is that visiting this cross-section of civilization will give you more than a taste of Middle East flair. Turkey has been rapidly and steadily improving its tourism and hotel infrastructure and it has been paying off. Turkey is now one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Turkey is rich in history and culture at every turn throughout the country. Astonishing landscapes, architectural monuments, and treasures from the Byzantine and Ottoman periods have all the feel of Middle East ambiance. The sights, sounds and tastes of the Middle East come alive in one of the many markets and bazaars that shock the senses to life with spices, color, music and dance.

Turkey is divided into several regions each with their own unique climate and scenery. From world-class beaches to its rugged yet majestic interior and mountains one thing does remain consistent throughout the country; the historical and archaeological treasures. The History Channel itself couldn’t put a big enough documentary to cover all of this fascinating country and you shouldn’t expect to be able to do it yourself either. Your best bet to discover all Turkey has to offer is to take a guided tour. With the rise in popularity, there are more and more tours and Tour Operators jumping on the Turkish Bandwagon.

Turkish people are known for their hospitality and friendliness, by using local travel guides, you get the best first hand information by someone eager to impress you with the rich and colorful history, sights, sounds, and tastes of Turkey. So whether you want to visit ancient wonders like the City of Troy, or check out Mt. Ararat in search of Noah’s ark, visit the incredible waters or beaches along the coast or experience the Grand Market a visit to Turkey should be on everyone’s bucketlist. It is a truly vibrant, colorful, and hospitable country rich in ancient history yet full of modern amenities. Book your tour to Turkey today…you won’t be disappointed.

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