Places To Never Visit On Solo Trips


One of the greatest joy of life to experience is traveling alone, in a city full of strangers all by yourself. A condition that offers you the chance to reinvent yourself, know more about yourself, clear your mind, and explore the world out there. Traveling alone is quite challenging as a situation could come that would be totally miserable, making you feel slightly uncomfortable but it’s all for your good. However, such a situation would help you learn to communicate better, make new friends, kill the introvert within yourself, and have a memory-filled exciting trip.

Places To Never Visit On Solo Trips:

At the same time, however, traveling alone rather than traveling as part of a group can be dangerous for you. Moreover, there are some beautiful destinations to visit that aren’t really good if you’re planning to leave your city alone. Well, here is a list with a few of the places that you should never visit when traveling alone.


Kazakhstan, a relatively young country, is a landlocked country rich in natural resources but still underdeveloped, particularly when considering the aspect of tourism. Traveling alone here can be very expensive, as you will always need a personal guide. You might also end up stranding yourself in places with very little or no infrastructure that isn’t likely to comfort you. Communication would again be a difficulty, as the English city of Kazakhstan knows only rare people in the city.


Angola in West Africa is one of the least explored cities to visit, as it is extremely risky. In addition to strict visa policies and heavy pricing, the city is also home to a number of deadly diseases, including yellow fever and cholera, although they can be treated but are still risky to get very sick while you’re away from home.


This is one of those places that should be avoided at all costs. Well, you might be quite informed about the situations in Syria and we guess this is one quite a great reason to avoid this destination.


Dubai, one of the most beautiful destinations, is very difficult to visit alone especially for female solo travelers as they are supposed to be modestly dressed and cover their heads if not in tourist compounds. Rough behavior after going to a bar will land them directly in jail. The city offers no mercy, no supplementary benefits. The only way to explore Dubai is by abiding by the strict rules.

So, there you have it. We hope that the provided information has been of help to you. For further information do leave a comment below.