SEO Mistakes That You Should Avoid


Google Analytics has repeatedly proven successful that it is one of the best marketing tools on the web today. Google Analytics is a boon for out there marketers as it provides detailed information and user-friendly reports on what’s going on around as well as analyzing whether or not the strategies are working well. Since the tool is flooded with seamless advantages, it is very important for you as a marketer to know how to optimize the tool to achieve the objectives. In this article, we will discuss some mistakes that are most expected to be committed so you avoid the same and make full use of the tool.

SEO Mistakes That You Should Avoid:

Having Concrete Goals:

Strongly believed that companies having goals tend to achieve 10 times more successful. As a marketer, you’ll certainly have goals that include generating leads, improving customer engagement, generating leads, etc. The tool will also provide you with constant progress reports, so you can change the setup as and when necessary.

Always Filter Spam Traffic:

Apparently, 4 percent of internet traffic comes from spam activities, the number may sound too small but it can surely transform into a significant number of meaningless website views. Besides implementing various tools to block spam-my operations, you will need to filter the spam traffic in order to obtain the exact details. It can be done in Google Analytics by applying Segment to Eliminate Spam Referrals through Analytics Edge.

Use All Data:

If you do not segment the Google Analytics tool based on behavior, demography, and geography, you will be missing valuable information.

Filter Internal Data Sessions:

For large companies, your employees must have thousands of page views each month. This internal activity could interrupt the original data and end up presenting you with an inaccurate idea of the performance of the website. Hence, setting up a filter to remove the internal session traffic from the results is essential so that the tool examines accurate information.

We hope that the provided information has been of help to you. for further information do leave a comment down below. Apart from there are quite a lot of other steps that you can take but these would be enough to take care of most of your SEO issues.