It’s a wonderful feeling to build your home on your own and particularly for your bedroom. Bedroom is the place where the rest is given to the tired body, where you relax after all the work is done, so obviously this place should have a different feeling and look that will help you feel calm, relaxed and happy. If you want to decorate the bedroom in Indian style then we have plenty of options because the Indian style is full of art and culture. In this article we’ll talk about how to decorate an Indian-style bedroom.

  1. Traditional look:

If we’re talking about traditional looks, rajasthani crosses our mind for the bedroom decor. Traditional style windows with heavy draping, lovely candlesticks and bright colours. Bed linen will be soft in color, and the furniture will all be wood. The coussins and pillows are of vividly vivid colors.

  1. Ethnic touch:

Ethnic means elegant and simple. The floor will be soft-colored wood, and the window will be large for a nice view of the garden. The feeling is going to be so calm and serene. The ceiling will be of bamboo with lighter shades and the wall shade will be a little darker to the contrast effect than the ceiling. Drapings are going to be lightweight and transparent and the paintings are going to be handmade and plain.

  1. Bright and soft children’s bedroom:

A children’s room is next on the list of how to decorate Indian-style bedrooms. As this is a children’s room so with both bright and soft touch it will be a little dramatic. The wall should be subtle but it should be bright and bold in the colors of the sofa and the linen. This room should have more shelves to keep kids toys and other stuff.

  1. Colored patterned walls and floor:

It can be a combination of beige and brown color, believe me, the effect will be so soothing and classy. Furniture should be sleek with wall mounted lamps with dim light and the wall texture will match the floor texture. The pattern will be in the combination of the two three soft shades that should be matched with the beige and brown color combination.

  1. Combination of bright and dull color for narrow and spacious room:

For any room, the combination looks so good. The walls will be soft and dark in color and the furniture and accessories will be vivid in colour. Like cabinets, there will be bright colors for pillows and cushions and dull colors for bed linen, and walls.

Those are ideas on how to decorate an Indian-style bedroom. Whatever design you choose, simply try to make the place happy, calm, and comfortable.