Best honeymoon place India


Nowadays, newly married couples want to spend their time with each other after the wedding ceremony and need to celebrate their status by going to honeymoon. However, a lot of time will be wasted in planning and deciding which places are good for the best honeymoon place India and also memorable.  So, all the factors will come in the middle while planning for the holidays and want to spend some quality with each other. Below are the top places in India for honeymoon.


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Goa has always been a romantic place for couples in India. The place is filled with palm trees, beaches, churches, and water sport activities.  The couples can stay at the expensive resort and even walk around the beaches along the beach and going for the paragliding rides by the beach.


Kerala is known as the best honeymoon place  India where the couples have many places to explore. This place has backwaters, the hills, waterfalls and the Western Ghats and the unique beaches of Kerala where the couples can spend their holidays over here.

Jammu and Kashmir

Every couple wants to go to the Jammu and Kashmir but it is not a very easy trip to plan because couples have to be sure whether the place is at peace and plan accordingly to the situation for spending time with each other over here. Dal Lake is considered as the professional quality honeymoon shots.


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Rajasthan has many options for couples who are visiting this place. So, there are many cities to explore and many cuisines to try with traditional outfits for dressing up in a for the honeymoon photo album. The couples can explore the royal life and the historical facts of the beautiful forts where it can give a different kind of experience.


This is the perfect place for those who are looking for an ideal place for their honeymoons. Uttarakhand is filled with mountains, snow-capped hills and snow-filled scenic places, Mughal gardens, lush valleys, exotic flower gardens and many other elements in this place which makes honeymoon destination for the couples.

Apart from these, there are few other places in India for couples who want to spend the time with each other. However, the above places are the best honeymoon place India for newly married couples to plan on a romantic holiday. Hope that I have covered all the topics in my article about top places in India for honeymoon. Thanks for reading!