Top Travel Blogs That You Need To Follow


There are so many blogs on travel out there, how do you decide who to follow? You are in peace! We’ve just assembled a list of the best travel bloggers out there and we hope you enjoy them. Literally, these travel bloggers inspired me to ‘go out and fly.’ They have inspired me to travel the world, whether through their writing or creative media. So, check out the list below.

Top Travel That You Need To Follow:

A Broken Backpack:

Melissa is a Doll from Canada. She doesn’t have a filter and is such a warm and hearted girl. You will catch her on Youtube or Snapchat. While SE Asia, she is either hitchhiking or sharing her shenanigans on travel. She’s such a smart person and she’s really shown that hard work pays off. Melissa was featured on Huffington Post, Matador Network, Think Catalog, and many, many more. She is an inspiration and a true female backpacker!

A Blog Abroad:

Gloria is a native of Arizona, and is the most real of all! Never be afraid to express an opinion about her, she is a talented writer who produces amazing content. She has a strong eye for art, too. She has collaborated with top photographers on travel and is writing for Huffington Post, Think Catalog, and Matador Networks. She is among the best selfie-takers, too.

The Blonde Abroad:

Keirsten is a native of California who has left a finance career to explore the globe. She’s been traveling and ‘running it ‘ for 5 years. This girl’s got some stunning girl power! She’s partnered with top brands and partners from around the world. Also, Keirsten is a good writer, creator of content, and extremely talented photographer. She is also a member of the GoPro Family and has been featured on Huffington Post, Forbes, Matador Network, and more!

Backpacker Banter:

Chris is a talented photographer and maker of images. He’s snapping his gorgeous girlfriend candid as well! The new YouTube video from the Maldives will definitely make you want to leave your job. If he doesn’t surf he’s off to travel the world and record every piece of it. Chris is British and now lives in Byron Bay, NSW Australia.

Well, these are a few travel blogs that you need to follow now. These will give you the kind of motivation you need to get traveling now. We hope this post has been of help to you.