Top Blogging Tools For Content Writers


Writing a blog is hard work, it’s equally hard to promote. In this article, we will discuss the best blogging methods for beginners to deal more effectively with blogging. However, there are certain tools that are built to make it easier for you. There are editors that guide you in writing content that is reader-friendly and grammatically correct for your users. Additionally, there are tools to make your blogs more appealing by inserting compelling headlines, relevant stock images, optimizing, and supporting SEO. So, here are some of the tools that you can use.

Top Blogging Tools For Content Writers:


Grammarly is probably my favorite blogging resource for all of this list. It automatically helps you ensure the right grammar and spelling in your papers! Great writing is key to executing the content strategy for your blog. Install browser extension Grammarly.

Though not all-compatible, it does fit with WordPress. Now you can type right into your content manager for WordPress, and it will highlight incorrect words or sentences. You can also type in the Grammarly app straight away. This makes clicking on the correction easy, without interrupting your flow.


Canva is possibly the best web-based platform for making custom images that you can then use as part of your blog posts or on social media. Think about the images featured, the images in the content, etc. Basically, anything to visually make your blog more appealing. This is where you can take a picture and add one of your favorite quotes.

Tweets with quotes earned 19 percent more retweets than those without, according to Twitter’s own numbers. Another big use of Canva is to create custom banners for blog posts. To illustrate a key point, these may come in the form of your featured photos, section headings, or pictures.


Sendinblue is like a Digital Marketing swiss knife. Using their advanced email options you can design a custom email template. In addition, it can be used for custom SMS marketing and live chat.

Use heat-maps, A / B testing and real-time statistics to create a high-converting copy of emails. Sendinblue comes with additional features such as the ads module on Facebook, the re-targeting, and the design of the landing page. We used Sendinblue ourselves, so we really have the first-hand experience with its capabilities.

So, these are some tools that content writers can use. We hope that this would be of help to you.