Best Blogging Sites for Free


Blogging can be an ideal way for getting your ideas out there in the world and connect with people. Whether you want to blog as a hobby or to promote your business, it can be a useful tool for helping you achieve many personal and professional goals. So, before deciding on your blog, you need to check available free blog sites which will allow you to achieve your goals for the long term. In case, if you want to showcase your writing skills or photography talents then finding the right blogging site can be useful to blog a success. Below are the best blogging sites for free.

WordPress is different and easier to use than its .org variant which means compromising on some of the superior functionality. But, if you want a quality blog without spending any time on programming or making back-end adjustments then this will work for you. In case if you need services like hosting, custom domains and social media integrations are available with paid versions.


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This is a free blogging service offered by Google which provides a quick and easy way for creating a blog for non-tech savvy users. With this platform, all you need to do is type the content, add media, and publish. It will allow you to edit HTML and add widgets to the blog which is not offered by many free blog sites.


Wix remains one of the top-rated blog website builders. It is an intuitive site builder that allows you to integrate a blog with the click of a button easily. Wix has all the features for helping you make money with your blog. For building a blog on Wix, you need to sign in to your account and select a template. It has a Blog template category which can be an ideal place for choosing from. Wix is ideal for free blog sites.


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This is one of the best blog sites perfect for artists and designers due to its beautiful templates and polished look. You can easily select the theme which appeals to you and start building your blog. However, Squarespace is not friendly as some of the other blog platforms and the learning curve is steeper than other websites.

The above-mentioned platforms are ideal ones to choose from for free blog sites. Hope that I have covered all the topics in my article about the best blogging sites for freeThanks for reading!