How to use in wordpress 


WordPress is a free , open-source content management system written in PHP and coupled with a database of MySQL or MariaDB. Features include a plugin architecture and a template system which is referred to as themes within WordPress.

WordPress is a system of content management which originated as a tool for blogging. It runs on PHP and a database called MySQL. Design elements are packaged as “themes;” since contents and design are separate, a new theme only needs to be installed to get a whole new design without affecting the content.

Plugins are a good way to make your website fun and exciting if you have a WordPress website and how to use in wordpress plugins will be answered in your article. There are thousands of plugins that are available in the plugin sections of WordPress but not all plugins are made equally and some of them have edge over the others.

Millions of websites are run on WordPress and without these plugins, you won’t be able to make your website have all the features like calendar, location, cart, social share, comments views, contact forms, analytics, chats etc.

The Most Common Plugins To Install?

Classic Editor

This classic Editor allows you to edit all the post and also enables to insert images, videos, link ( all kinds of links) in your content. Since WordPress pre-installed editor is hard to understand and manipulate therefore Classic Editor is a must-have plugin.

Contact Form

With the help of Contact Form plugin, you can generate a contact form template that can help in email marketing.

All In Seo

This plugin was created to help the website to take care of the SEO factors like Title Length, Description and Meta Tags.


Mashshare is a plugin that will enable visitors to your website to share your article on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

and how to use in wordpress is very easy.


The role of this plugin is to block comments on your website that contains offensive words. You can add the words that you want this plugin to filter out.

W3 Total Cache

Total Cache is responsible for clearing all the cache from your website. Therefore you don’t have to manually clean all the cache.


These are the most common plugins you need to use right now. And we believe that this article was really useful to you and please come back again for an amazing article like this.