Tips For Making Money On Fiverr 2019


Initially, what you want to do if you’re starting out, you’re going to want to set up your gigs priced relatively low. You want to get your foot in the door, and I see so many people offering their services for ridiculously high prices and they’ve got no reviews or ratings.

So you’re only going to start them at $5 and you can upsell them afterward. The idea initially is to make them your customer, then you provide value, then they know and trust you.

Once you’ve gotten reviews you can definitely spike the prices on your gigs because you built trust in the community and people believe you are worth that kind of money. In the beginning, focus on social proof and building rapports, talking to your prospects, getting out there on the internet looking for people who could use your service.

You need to establish an existing body of work. If you bring people to your gig and it is barebones with no value and looks sloppy, no one is going to bite.

5 Ideas For Fiverr Gigs You Can Start Today:

Here’s something absolutely anyone can do if you are stuck for ideas on what to offer:

#1: Article rewriting:

The first one is basically just rewriting articles for certain sites (blogs, news outlets, etc..) and these people pay for blog posts relatively often. I think it can be anywhere from two cents to about ten to fifteen cents per word.

These are companies and solo-entrepreneurs who are looking for people with good writing skills for specific niches.

Simply read what they are looking for and you can send in your articles and they’ll pay you. Easy money.

Let me do a little bit of math here for you. Let’s say they’re paying ten cents a word roughly, so you do an article at ten cents a word and you write a 500-word article. That’s 50 bucks in your pocket right there.

Here’s something pretty cool also. Let’s say you don’t want to write an article, you could go to Fiverr and pay someone else to write that same article for you for cheaper than the company will pay you out and arbitrage the result.

I’ve seen gigs on Fiverr where some guy will write 10 blog posts for just five bucks! They’ll write a blog post or an article for you and they even have good reviews doing it on Fiverr.

So if you want to do it the sneaky way, go buy articles for low and sell them to these companies that need articles and blog posts for more. Simple arbitrage.

Here’s a great video explaining automated article rewriting:

#2: Setting up LinkedIn profiles

Go to Fiverr and type in “LinkedIn Profile” and see what comes up.

People are literally typing this in on Fiverr, paying customers, and they are paying upwards of over $500 bucks just get their LinkedIn profile optimized with a nice looking resume that stands out.

If you have decent writing skills you could jump in there right now and build resumes for people and make their profiles look nice. Doing this could get you some pretty damn good cash for not that much work.

Hopefully, this is helping you spark some ideas of what is possible.

Watch a few YouTube videos on resume writing or on how to set up a nice LinkedIn profile, get out there and do it.

Basically, the whole premise is that you are turning clients LinkedIn profiles into sales pages of them. Your job is to sell their skills and experiences with words.

Not only is this great for money on the front end with the Fiverr gigs, but, it is also a fantastic foot in the door for offering other services in the backend once you gain their trust.

#3: Social Media Posting

Social Media Posting aka influencer promotion is a great option if you have a big following on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media platform.

You can sell a posting to your accounts through Fiverr. You would be surprised how many people will actually contact you just because they want to make a post to your followers.

These are people who have an online store, are trying to get more exposure, or just build more brand awareness. Honestly, the reasons behind why they want to seek out influencers like yourself could be endless, but, it pays out really good money.

Here’s a video interview with the legendary Gary Vee about becoming an influencer on social media:

#4: Design T-Shirts

If you have the ability to be creative and design logos and t-shirts then this is another really good way to make a lot of money on Fiverr.

Graphics artists are never going to go out of a job. Companies need you to build their visual brand. If you have design skills, you could be making an absolute killing online if you position yourself correctly.

Like I said, start at a low price point with your gigs, find customers, get testimonials and then start whipping out the big guns once you built out that trust with customers.

You don’t have to limit yourself to Fiverr with graphics skills though, you could seek out businesses and online stores, offer them your services, and collect paychecks like clockwork.

You could start your own print on demand e-commerce store (which I highly recommend you do if you have graphics skills) and create a massive following with your sweet design skills.

Look around your city and you will see graphics and designs plastered everywhere you turn (unless you are really in the boonies). You have an endless supply of prospective clients and just gotta start making some calls!

Here’s an awesome video by the icon Justin Cener (a master in the print on demand space):

He goes over how to set up your very own print on demand store in about 60 minutes.

For an in-depth course on print on demand, if you wish to learn further, I highly recommend Print Profits by Fred Lam.

#5: WordPress

Do you know a lot about WordPress? Like you are borderline a genius on the WordPress platform? Then you can easily set up a gig to help people with there WordPress blogs and websites.

So many people are starting brand new websites every day and just get completely flustered by the idea of navigating and building a website on WordPress.

Well fear not, you are their white knight. You have the skills to pay the bills, right?

Create your gig and show people what you can do for them on WordPress, the number of topics on this subject is truly endless. New problems arise every day that you could be there to solve for those prospects!