Pure VPN Latest Review 2019

PureVPN is supplied by a VPN provider based in Hong Kong. If you are using PureVPN, your activity online will be beyond the reach and not subject to EU and US jurisdictions. PureVPN was established in 2006. Some of the services offered by PureVPN are as follows:
• A full-featured app.
• A large number of servers all over the globe.
PureVPN works extremely well with most of the streaming services foremost of which is Netflix. It maintains your privacy at the same time. The prices offered at PureVPN are very easy on the pocket and attractive given the benefits offered.
The users who stream content online regularly and at a frequent rate, PureVPN is a good choice.
The added benefits of privacy and secure streaming while traveling makes PureVPN an excellent and worthy choice. The 12-month plan offered is very affordable. There are a large number of server locations available. Its performance is relatively good as well, making it an all-over good choice.
But as with everything else, PureVPN also has a few shortcomings. The PureVPN application consists of great features, and the application has innovative ideas, but it is cumbersome at times. The features boasted by PureVPN do not always work as well as promised. If the most important thing while using a VPN for you is getting the maximum amount of privacy, then you should not choose PureVPN.


Functions very well with chief streaming services
A large variety of servers is available
The speed of the servers is extremely good


Auto mode setting using sets default to less secure and private protocols
Not able to connect through OpenVPN protocols
There is inconsistency along with variance in speed. It goes from very fast to extremely slow in seconds.

Speed & Performance

In their server network, some very recent investments have been made by PureVPN. The speed of PureVPN has become far a lot less inconsistent and variant. The downloading speeds are not good and showed a downward trend. With their seven-day money-back guarantee, you can test out PureVPN and see the server performance for yourself. It is also a good choice for gamers due to low latency (3ms in the UK).
Feature PureVPN ExpressVPN NordVPN
Avg global DL speed

25.17 66.94 69.33
Avg global UL speed

44.74 24.98 41.22
Ping time

3ms 2ms 2ms
Unlimited bandwidth

blueOKicon blueOKicon blueOKicon
Average time to connect

10s 8s 10s

What does this table mean?

When choosing a VPN, for many users, another critical factor is speed. Of course, running a VPN, regardless of which it is, comes with a speed cost. However, the higher speed the VPN has, the closer you will be to the maximum speed your network has.
Ping time shows the time it takes to receive data and is as essential as upload/download speed, particularly for streaming. To have the smoothest streaming experience, look for high download width coupled with low ping time.
Short connection times are ideal. A reliable and stable connection is crucial for activities like streaming where privacy is important.
Server Location Download Speed (Mbps) Upload Speed (Mbps)
australiaAustralia 90.2 98.12
GermanyGermany 47.55 106.08
UKUK 58.46 144.09
USAUSA 65.10 69.43
SingaporeSingapore 40.62 54.52
NetherlandsNetherlands 50.07 102.81
FranceFrance 25.59 39.70
CanadaCanada 79.15 176.86
JapanJapan 100.13 171.79

How we get these VPN speed data?

We are working round the clock on testing the performance of our featured VPN providers so that we bring forth the recent and updated knowledge.
RegardingPureVPN, we utilized the speed test tool on our fiber optic line placed in London, in addition to our paid-for VPN subscriptions.
Without a VPN, the base download speed is 80Mbpsapprox., while upload speed is 90Mbps whereas ping is 3ms.
The outcome is based in London to the countries enlisted on your left. These tests give us an estimated version of variation in connection speeds. Keeping in mind that, a rapid connection and close proximity to the server entails faster speeds.